Regal City Sheikhupura

Regal City Sheikhupura

Regal means impressive and beautiful, like its meanings, Regal City Sheikhupura is presenting an idyllic and extraordinary infrastructure for its client. The project is offering both residential and commercial property for sale. Regal City Sheikhupura has a healthy and safe environment for the people living in this project.

All the modern and basic amenities of life are close to its residents, and they can easily approach them. The construction work in Regal City Sheikhupura is going at a fast pace, enhancing its reputation among the other real estate project. Therefore, it is an excellent investment destination for those who want to convert the dreams of their life into reality.

Properties of various sizes are available for sale at very affordable prices in Regal City Sheikhupura. The installment plan of all the stuff, including developed and undeveloped, is so competitive that people can quickly pay their purchased property.

However, the engineers and town-planners of Regal City Sheikhupura have developed all the infrastructure strategically and efficiently.

They put their best to make the environment of this project natural and green. Therefore, Regal City Sheikhupura has a very healthy and wealthy environment for the people living in this housing scheme. They can easily approach all the available facilities of life and elevate their moods in this project’s natural environment.

Regal City Sheikhupura has an excellent location as all the city’s top sites surround it. Firstly, its proximity to the crucial places of Sheikhupura City makes it more worthy in its clients’ eyes. People pay immense importance to the map as it decides many essential matters of their life.

The current value of both commercial and residential plots is excellent and will increase in the coming future. People are taking a lot of interest in this remarkable project due to its futuristic approach.

Regal City Sheikhupura Developers

Saad Akbar and Developers (PVT) LTD holds the construction work of Regal City Sheikhupura. They enjoy an outstanding reputation in the real estate market for their strategic and impressive development work.

The development company has rendered its construction and development services for a lot of residential and commercial projects.

They are famous not only for their outstanding work but also for their affordable development prices. Saad Akbar Developers (PVT) LTD engineers and strategic planners have made their best effort to make every project of the company state of the art.

Now Regal City Lahore is one of the brightest examples of this company. The company’s management wants to teach all the luxurious and idyllic trends of life in this project. In this way, people from all cultures can easily adjust to this housing scheme and enjoy highly standardized and optimistic energy.

The developers of Regal City Sheikhupura have designed this project so that the people living in this housing scheme can easily approach all the facilities of life. The environment is safe and healthy in which every resident of society can make his life more successful and happy.

All the infrastructure in this project has been developed by adopting international standards of construction. During construction work, a futuristic approach has been used to assure a unique and luxurious way of life for the people of this housing scheme.

Bayaty Architecture Services

Regal City Sheikhupura is adding new records of success in the brilliant history of Saad Akbar Developers (PVT) LTD. The engineers and town planners of the project have always amazed their clients through hard work and sincerity.

In this project, the developers took the services of an international company Bayaty Architecture to make an exceptional plan for Regal City Sheikhupura.

The decision to hire a global company’s services shows the quality and standard of Saad Akbar Developers. In addition to this, they hired a very experienced group of UAE and a Chinese firm to inculcate theme parks in Regal City Lahore.

In this way, Saad Akbar Developers describe their exceptional talent for construction and development in the field of real estate. The brilliance of the building and the excellent hard work of this company has given a tremendous position in the real estate market.

Regal City Sheikhupura Location Map

One of the most essentials of a booming housing scheme is the map of that project. People purchase a property based on the given location.

Therefore, the engineers and town planners of Regal City Sheikhupura has mapped this project at the top edge of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad Road. Its closeness from Sheikhupura Link Road and Sheikhupura Bypass adds to its importance.

Therefore, people are taking a lot of interest to make a futuristic investment in Regal City Lahore. Furthermore, living facilities and amenities are very close, and every member of society can easily approach them.

Regal City Sheikhupura Location Map

In Regal City Sheikhupura, there are more chances to make a business successful. It is so because your business would be very close to the top locations in the city. People from all parts of Sheikhupura can easily approach your business, and you would enjoy good connectivity.

The current value of the property in Regal City Lahore is excellent, and hopefully, it would also increase in the future. It would be very beneficial to trust this project from the end and the current point of view. Regal City Lahore is an eye-catching housing scheme as your proximity to the housing facilities is very good.

You can easily approach all the amenities of life like school, colleges, universities, hospitals, food, and entertainment. In other words, to invest in Regal City Sheikhupura would be a very positive decision as to your investment, relationships, business, and the dreams of your life are safe here. 

Regal City Sheikhupura Payment Plan

Developed Payment Plan

Regal City Sheikhupura Payment Plan is so competitive and affordable that people from any society can purchase property here. All the developed and undeveloped property is available at a very reasonable price. You can purchase both commercial and residential plots here. People’s interest in purchasing a commercial and residential property is increasing day by day.

Regal City Sheikhupura Payment Plan

Therefore, the current value of property in Regal City Lahore is excellent, and you would see and idyllic increase in its worth in the coming future. This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to save the current value of their investment and to earn profit in the coming time.

Some people do not purchase property due to the lack of investment. They need a suitable payment plan to buy a property. Regal City Sheikhupura installment plan is so good and easy to pay that people from all sects of the society can purchase a property here.

Developed and undeveloped plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla are available at the best prices.

Regal City Sheikhupura Payment Plan

Furthermore, commercial plots of 2 Marla, 4 Marla, and 8 Marla are also present for interested investors to make a futuristic investment. The following are the Booking Details of Regal City Sheikhupura.

Regal City Commercial Payment Plan

Features And Facilities

Regal City Sheikhupura is offering the latest and modern standards of living to its residents. This excellent housing project has all the necessary facilities and amenities of life to cater to the needs of its people. 

Regal city Sheikhupura is 100% LDA approved, and its management has fulfilled all the legal and local requirements of Govt. authorities.

International standards have been opted to make its infrastructure outstanding and state of the art. Therefore, it is expected this special project would play a very pivotal role in enhancing the living standard of people.

If you become a part of this excellent housing scheme, the following features and facilities of life you would have in your life

  • Gated community with boundary walls
  • High alert security with CCTV security cameras
  • State of the art infrastructure and safe environment
  • Widespread and clean roads
  • Lush and green parks
  • 24 Hour health facilities 
  • Underground electricity, sui gas, and water facilities
  • Education and Entertainment
  • A well-managed sewerage system

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