Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project, A Positive Approach Towards Lahore’s Survival:

“When I was a kid, we used to drink tap water. It was sweet water, and we never dreamed we would need bottled water. When I was living in Zaman Park, there was no sign of pollution. The sky was clean. We would wait for winter so we could bask in the sun’s warmth. It was a clean city. A city where gardens and significant open green areas were plentiful.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday at the inauguration ceremony of a five-trillion rupee Ravi Riverfront Development Project, under which the Punjab government plans to develop a “most modern city” over an area of more than one 100,000 acres near Lahore.

For the execution of the project, the Lahore Development Authority hired an Asian engineering company “Meinhardt” to run a feasibility report on Ravi River. In this modern city, there would be green belts, piers, and boardwalks, along with 1.4 million residential units are part of the master plan.

The proposed project aims to rehabilitate and develop the Ravi River into a perennial freshwater body, with high-quality urban development on the adjoining land for around 25 to 35 million inhabitants.

The idea is based on the construction around River Thames in London, England. From the following points, it can understand what would be the positive effects of the Ravi Riverfront Development project.

Lahore’s Survival

The rate at which the population of Lahore is growing, if we are to save Lahore, the Ravi Riverfront Development Project is unavoidable. The city’s water has dropped drastically. In the last fifteen years, it has fallen almost 800 feet. Air and Land pollution has also grown due to the expansion of the population.

Due to the unplanned settlements, the green areas are on the decline. The Ravi Riverfront Development Project is of immense importance for Lahore’s survival.

Food Security Issues

The Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project would play a very vital role to solve the problem of food security. Pakistan has never witnessed wheat shortages before, but now we have seen a drop of 1.5 million tonnes.

There are various reasons for this problem. Our crop-producing areas are reducing due to unplanned settlements. Furthermore, we used to have a lot of cotton-growing regions. More sugarcane growing is also a factor.

Rehabilitation of Ravi River

The RRUDP is of immense importance for the rehabilitation of the Ravi River. The river used to be such a big river has now shrunk into nothing but a sewerage stream.

For the river’s protection, additional water will be released into it and more barrages created. The sewerage coming into the river will be treated and clean water released back.

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