Overseas Prime Capital Smart City

Overseas Prime Block – Complete Details


Overseas Prime capital smart city is a newly launched product. Capital smart city Islamabad has been a high potential real estate project of Pakistan; they have
recently launched in Lahore as well by the name of Lahore Smart City, and it has been a top-selling
project of 2020 despite the pandemic situation and the reason for this much success was their great
development and delivery at Capital Smart City.

Overseas’ first choice:

Capital smart city Islamabad has always been a lovely project for the overseas Pakistanis
because of its ideal location in the capital along with the kind of infrastructure and concept, Habib Rafique
group has been introduced.
A few months ago, Capital Smart city Islamabad closed the booking for the overseas Pakistanis, and it
was anticipated that they would launch something really great for the overseas Pakistani, and finally they
have launched overseas prime in Islamabad.

About Overseas Prime Block:

Overseas Prime Islamabad would be a dedicated block for the overseas Pakistanis
living in the Gulf, UK, USA, Europe, and all over the world. Overseas Prime will be designe
in a way that overseas Pakistanis are used to in abroad, its location is not announced yet, but it has been
anticipated that overseas prime would be very near to the Chakri road entrance of

Official Letter of Overseas Prime

Plot Sizes in Overseas Prime Capital Smart City:

It is anticipated that the capital smart city will only launch residential plots in overseas prime blocks with a size
of 7 marlas, 10 marlas and 1 Kanal. However official details will be revealed soon.
There are chances of high demand for overseas prime since a lot of overseas Pakistanis
were waiting for purchasing in the capital smart city Islamabad.

Requirements to book a plot in Overseas Prime Capital Smart City:

For buying in an overseas prime block, it is necessary that you would be an overseas Pakistani,
having a valid visa, passport, or any equivalent document and that is the best thing about overseas prime
that when they launch something for overseas. They make sure that they are only
selling to overseas Pakistanis and not to locals.

Overseas prime block Location Map:

Capital smart city Islamabad has launched an overseas block named as an overseas prime block. It is going to be at the primmest location of the capital smart city. This block is on the highest point of a capital smart city where you can overview society’s significant points, such as the 18-Hole Golf Course. 

The overseas prime block’s main entrance is from Chakri Road. Therefore, it will be the hottest location due to interchange. The interchange is just one and a half Km away from the main entrance. There would be 50 ft wide roads. So the overseas prime block is highly recommended for an investment point of view.

 Payment Plan Of Overseas Prime Capital Smart City:

The payment plan of the overseas prime capital smart city has not been launched yet, but you can get in
touch with us and show us your interest, so we may give you an instant update on the payment plan as
soon as it comes. Overseas Prime Block is a golden opportunity so, be the part of this high potential project.

Overseas Prime Block Payment Plan

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