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Kings Town Lahore – A Dream LifeStyle

Life is the most precious gift of Allah Almighty. Everyone wants to live their life in their personal house. House helps us to achieve the goals of our life. Your home is your identity. A house helps you to fulfill all the necessities of life safely and securely. Therefore, Al Kabir Developers have developed Pakistan’s best housing project Kings Town Lahore. It is a place of dream lifestyle constructed on the main Raiwind road Lahore. 

The society is beautifully designed and developed with Villas, Townhouses, and Community Clubs. This housing scheme provides all the luxury facilities and amenities to their residents. By the grace of Allah Almighty, they are committed to offering a secure and healthy lifestyle to the people of Lahore. 

They are continuously improving the living standards of people with their astonishing facilities and modern technology. Moreover, the groceries and other eateries are very closer, easily accessible to the residents. Furthermore, they are also providing 24/7 electricity, gas, clean water, and telephone access. 

All these facilities could be yours with an affordable kings town Lahore installment plan.  

Kings Town Lahore – Location-Map

This housing scheme is situated near the Bahria Orchard Lahore. Thus, it is constructed in the prime location of Raiwind Road Lahore. Therefore, it is one of the most prominent housing projects of Al Kabir Developers. Allama Iqbal International Airport and many other facilities are quite close the society. 

Kings Town Location Map

Aim and Vision

Kings Town Lahore’s vision is to set a standard in the housing scheme industry. Therefore, their aim is to provide a safe, peaceful, and modern lifestyle to the people of Lahore. They want to be a proud reality for their residents.

Their mission is to provide their residents with high quality, well-maintained, and up-to-date amenities and facilities. Therefore, their residents can live their whole lives. All these facilities and a safe and secure way of life are available at very affordable rates.

Furthermore, they are working day and night to ensure royalty and a better user experience. They hired highly professional and certified designers, engineers, consultants, and construction companies from Pakistan. Thus, their residents can enjoy a standard lifestyle there.

Kings Town – Housing Scheme – High Standard Living

Kings Town Lahore offers a variety of well-developed properties at very competitive payment plans in the market. The whole area of this housing scheme is about 1952 sq. 

Moreover, the Kings Town Lahore housing scheme is full of luxurious Villas, Houses, Community Clubs, Fitness Centers, Healthcare centers, Mosques, and Educational Institutes. They are offering the plots of 5 marlas, ten marlas, 15 marlas to their residents. In brief, they are offering the dream lifestyle to the people of Lahore at very affordable rates. 

They have both Residential and Commercial plots. Whether you want to live or to run your business in this housing project, you are most welcome here. They are offering commercial properties for businesses, grocery mart, eateries, fitness clubs, and healthcare centers. 

Therefore, it is the best opportunity for businessmen to invest their money in this housing scheme. So, you can buy the property here for either commercial or residential purposes at very competitive rates and installment plans in the market. 

We all want to live a safe and healthy life in our personal house with the security of our precious life. Well, they are committing to provide all the living facilities to their residents. InshaAllah, with the grace of Allah Almighty, you will enjoy your life to the fullest here. 


Infrastructure plays a vital role in the development of a housing project. Therefore, Kings Town Lahore did extraordinary work on its infrastructure. They hired Pakistan’s best engineers and designers for this housing scheme. 

Their infrastructure of Kings Town Lahore includes all the necessary facilities and amenities for living a quality life. Such as Lavish Family Parks, Play Grounds, Community Clubs, Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Eateries, Grocery Stores, Educational Institutes, and Mosques. Hence, their residents can enjoy a healthy and wealthy lifestyle within the boundaries of the community. 

Their primary focus is to provide a gated community with full proof security to their residents. That way, their residents can live safe and secure life. Residents feel confidently secure about the present and future of their loved ones within the confines of society.

Their infrastructure includes a green environment and ecosystem. It keeps the environment healthy and free from harmful pollutants. Kings Town Lahore is consistently improving the living standards of the people in Lahore.

Developers of Kings Town Lahore

Kings Town Lahore is Pakistan’s finest real estate developer named Al Kabir Developers. They have developed Pakistan’s most urbanized housing project, such as Kings Town Housing Scheme. They hired highly professional and experienced designers and engineers for the development infrastructure. Its launching ceremony was on1st Nov 2020 with the approval of Govt. of Pakistan. They did great work in the development of this housing scheme.

Kings Town Lahore – LDA Approved:

King Town Lahore is LDA approved housing scheme. It is Pakistan’s best residential housing project. It is legally approved and registered in the relevant government institutions. Therefore, its LDA approval represents the security of the investment. If you want to live healthy and wealthy, the Kings Town housing scheme is the best opportunity.

Kings Town Lahore Payment Plan

Kings town Lahore payment plans are very flexible and easily affordable for people with middle or high-income status. They are offering properties for both commercial and residential use. Residential Plots consist of beautifully constructed and designed lavish Villas and Townhouses. Moreover, commercial properties are for businesses and healthcare services. 

Kings Town Lahore Payment Plan

Their rates and payment plans are very competitive in the market. People from anywhere can afford the property here. All sorts of developed and undeveloped Kings Town Lahore plots for sale at a very reasonable price. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to invest your money in this housing project. Plots of 5 marlas, ten marlas, and 15 marlas are on sale. Furthermore, Installment plans are also available.  

Phase 3:

Their latest and finest land development in this project is Al Kabir Town Phase 3. They launched this phase with the name of King storm. Plots in Phase 3 are available in 5, 10, and 15 marlas. It is at 20 minutes drive from Thokar Niaz Baig. Superior University and Bahria Orchard are very closer to the entrance of this phase. They are providing all royal amenities and facilities to the residents of this phase in a very affordable payment plan. 

Kings Town Lahore Booking Details:

Their booking details are very simple:

  • A copy of Resident’s CNIC
  • Two passport size photos of Resident
  • Down payment in cash or pay draft

You will need these things to book your property in society.

Facilities and Amenities in Kings Town Lahore

Everyone wants to live in a place where they can live their life healthy and securely. All the necessities of life can be easily accessible to them. Therefore, Kings Town Lahore is providing all the necessary facilities and amenities to its residents. The facilities they are offering are as follow:

Gated Community

They are committed to providing a prosperous society and complete proof security so that residents can live a safe and stress-free life. In this way, residents feel confidently secure about the present and future of their loved ones within the confines of society.

Lavish Family Parks

They are providing Lavish Family Park to their residents. Therefore, their residents can spend standard time in the park with their family and friends. In addition, there is space for children to play and enjoy. So, kids can have fun. They can lead a healthy and active life. The park also has a jogging track and exercise area. That way, residents can work on their health whenever they want.

Healthcare Hospitals

They developed high equip hospitals for their residents. The hospital is 24/7 available in case of emergency. They have well professional doctors to take care of patients. They are highly concern about the health of their residents. Because they know the value of life. 


They are providing beautiful mosques in society. Therefore, residents can pray five times a day and get closer to Allah Almighty. They can perform all Islamic practices in mosques and play their part in this world. 

Quality Education

A good education is important for your children. Therefore, Kings Town Lahore is offering international schools for your children. They are offering quality education and an interesting curriculum. Extracurricular activities include competitions of swimming, horseback riding, tennis, golf, cricket, and football. They believe in the overall development of your children.


They are also providing Cinema in the society to their residents. So, the Resident can enjoy quality time with their family and friends. You can watch the latest and old horror, comedy, and action movies in the Cinema. The pre-online booking is also available for the residents. There is also a café in the Cinema where you can whatever you want to eat. 

These are the features of Kings Town Lahore. If you want to live the dream life and achieve your life goals, then this housing project is the best place to invest. You can live a safe and secure life with the gated community of the society. And all these facilities you can get at affordable prices. You can even access the Installment Plan on the properties. Well, it is an all in one package to live in this housing project. 

For further details, feel free to contact us!

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