Iqbal Garden Lahore

Iqbal Garden Lahore

Iqbal garden is one of the most effective projects at Kala Shah Kaku Motorway. Furthermore, the Iqbal garden is the finest society in the region of Kala Shah Kaku. No worries for middle-class families now because Iqbal garden Lahore provides a high-quality experience at a very affordable price. This housing scheme gives you the modern and luxurious comfort where you can spend all your life. Although the link road links this housing scheme with M2 and N5. The housing scheme is very beautifully crafted by the developers. Moreover, they are offering residential plots, commercial plots in very suitable and mesmerizing locations. 

A couple of universities are also starting to establish this project. The most highly recommended thing about the society is that; people who live there recommended this society for the living. Additionally, developers mainly work for its modern and deluxe lifestyle. They provided the highest quality facilities and amenities in society. So the residents avail themselves of each and everything within the boundaries of the society. Here in Iqbal garden Lahore you will have the resident and commercial plots at very affordable rates. 

The main worry of any person is the area where society is located. Although Iqbal garden Lahore is situated in the center of Lahore you can say that this society is surrounded by Lahore city. Furthermore, the society structure was constructed by the architect pre-planned. Furthermore, society offers various plots so that customers can choose which place is better or convenient for their living. The more the life is in a hurry the more the Iqbal garden provides comfort for the residents. So that residents feel relax in their area of comfort.

Aim and Vision

Iqbal garden Lahore is prepared to set its exquisite well-known standard in the big housing industry competition. Moreover, Iqbal garden intends to offer well-hooked-up houses, a private lifestyle, protection for the people of Iqbal garden. Iqbal garden aims to provide its residents the best solution for all their worries. Although Iqbal garden project is to provide residents an area in which they could stay their entire lives. All the facilities or amenities in the society are at very unexpected rates. Additionally, the Iqbal garden Lahore crew runs 24 /7 to make society well-known. A crew of excessive experts leads society in the big competition of housing industries.

Iqbal Garden Lahore, TMA Approved

The Iqbal garden Lahore is approved by TMA. Although everyone first sees what is the legality of the society before buying the property. So, the Iqbal garden legality eliminates all your worries so feel free to buy property in society. The legality of the society develops the credibility of the society and shows there is no fraud system in the housing scheme.

Iqbal Garden Lahore, Location

Iqbal Garden Lahore location is situated in Kala Shah Kaku interchange close to GC University Lahore. Although it is 8 kilometers from Shahdara Lahore. Location of Iqbal Garden. The location of the Iqbal garden is ideal in all aspects such as infrastructure. Furthermore, the population in Lahore is increasing day by day and the pollution is in a very vast range. You can’t take a fresh breath in Lahore nowadays. So everyone in the family wants to live in a calm and clean environment. Here are some of the following universities surrounded Iqbal garden:

Iqbal Garden Lahore Location Map
  1. GC University
  2. UET University
  3. UVAS 
  4. Punjab Judicial Academy

The infrastructure

The infrastructure of the society is beautifully crafted by the highly qualified crew of Iqbal garden Lahore. Moreover, the basic design of a society depends upon its infrastructure. The visitors always see the infrastructure of the society and then they decide whether to buy the property or not. Iqbal garden team hired the best engineers and architects to construct the society in a well-maintained balance. They provide many facilities such as a lavish park, mosque, community clubs, coaching center, school, lavish markets, etc.

Developers of Iqbal Garden Lahore

The developer of Iqbal garden is one of the best developers in the real estate world. Although they set a high standard of workmanship with the most effective technology. Moreover, the developers produce dynamic results in the field of real estate. All the facilities and amenities they provided to the residents also provide the best place for investment. The society’s affordable prices and the very affordable investment plan make this society one of the best societies in the region of Kala Shah Kaku.

Iqbal Garden Lahore, Payment Plan

The Iqbal garden Lahore payment plan is very affordable and cheap. Although you don’t need a big amount to buy property. The simple installment plan of the Iqbal garden gives you the property in a very cheap manner. 3, 5, 10 Marla plot payment plan.

Iqbal Garden Lahore Payment Plan

Therefore, 3 Marla’s price is 1,095,000 with the down payment of 200,000 along with the installment of 4 years. The rate of the 5 Marla plot is 1,750,000 with a down payment of 300,000 along with a 4-year installment plan. Furthermore, the cost of 10 Marla is 3,350,000 with the down payment of 600,000 along with the installment of 4 years. 

Iqbal Garden commercial plots Payment Plan
Contact Us For Booking Details: +92 32 111 58678

Facilities and Amenities of Iqbal Garden

Iqbal Garden Lahore has several precise and unique features that provide modern facilities to the residents. Furthermore, the Iqbal garden variety of facilities and amenities which includes:

  • Mosque
  • School
  • Commercial Markets
  • Lavish Parks
  • Main gates catch the eye of the visitors
  • Carpeted roads
  • Health centers
  • Coaching centers (Gym)
  • Indoor, outdoor sports
  • Shopping mall for the residents so that they easily go and buy what they need
  • Purified water
  • CCTV cameras

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