Al Noor Orchard Lahore

Al Noor Orchard Lahore

A Dream Lifestyle Is Waiting For You

There is no denying that every person in the world needs a place to live his life called home. A home provides us protection, identity, relationships, privacy, and many other benefits necessary for a healthy and wealthy life. There are many housing societies in Lahore that are providing these benefits to their residents. One of these housing projects committed to providing its residents with all the necessary and modern ways of living is Al Noor Orchard Lahore.

It’s one of the prominent and well-recognized housing projects in Lahore.

The management of Al Noor Orchard Lahore pays a lot of intention to the importance of nature and living standards. Nature plays a vital role in providing peace of mind and concentration. Both have a central role to follow the dreams of your life.

Healthy Green Environment

Al Noor Orchard Lahore aims to offer you a healthy and green environment so that you may elevate your mood and spirit in the fresh air of its nature. Moreover, lifestyle has great importance in the life of people. People spend a lot to maintain and grow their way of living.

Al Noor Orchard Lahore understands the importance of lifestyle in the life of people. To enjoy your way of living, Al Noor Orchard Lahore gives you a safe, flawless, and secure environment so that you may enjoy the peace of mind to follow your dreams.

 In addition to this, It is a unique project according to its location. At just 3 minutes drive from Faizpur Interchange on M2 Motorway, it is located on Main Sharaqpur Road. Al Noor Orchard Lahore closeness to G.T Road, Ring Road Sialkot Bypass, Orange Line, Multan Road, and Metro makes it easily accessible and near everywhere in the city.

Premium Housing Project

This premium housing project has been developed by filling all the legal requirements from ownership to development authorized by the Punjab Government and local authorities. Therefore we claim it is the safest housing project due to its security and the protected environment and every aspect of your life.

Your investment, relationships, privacy, and value of your life are safe at Al Noor Orchard. In this unique project, residential plots, villas, and commercial plots are for sale at a reasonable cost. Al Noor Orchard presents a very flexible payment plan for you. You can quickly pay the payment of your property in 3 years or four years.

Al Noor Orchard Housing Scheme

Lahore has immense importance in the economic, social, cultural, and political circles of Pakistan. People from all over the country lived in Lahore to meet their social, economic, and political activities.

Therefore the population in Lahore is increasing day by day. Al Noor Orchard Lahore aims to allow the desired and comfortable lifestyle to the people who wish to settle and establish.

Moreover, modern and convenient lifestyles have a central role in people’s lives; people like to live in such places that fulfill their everyday needs and where they feel safe and sound. It is committed to providing all those facilities to his residents that ensure a well-off and jolly life.

Further, plans include the connection between Jaranwala and Lahore. The relationship between Lahore and Jaranwala makes the Al Noor Orchard housing scheme more significant in the eyes of people.

Who still wants to live in Jaranwala but aim to create a safe and futuristic investment in Lahore.

Al Noor Orchard Map

Al Noor Orchard Lahore known for its unique location as compared to the other housing projects in Lahore. That makes it more eye-catching and exciting for those who want to invest in this housing project.

What makes Al Noor Orchard’s map more required and helpful is the closeness and nearness to Ring Road, G.T Road, Lahore Sialkot Bypass, Multan Road, and Orange Line and Metro.

Al Noor Orchards is located on Main Sharaqpur Road at just 3 minutes drive from Faizpur Interchange on M2 Motorway.

Al Noor Orchard Lahore Location Map

Developers of Al Noor Orchard

Al Noor Orchard Lahore Developers are Al Jalil Real Estate Developers, a very well known and established brand in real estate. It is said that “Food is Known By The Name Of Its Cook.”

Just like that developer name has great importance for an investor who wants to invest the crux of his whole life. Chaudhary Nasrullah Khan Warriach laid the foundation of Al Jalil Developers in 2002.

He had a very well reputed name in the real estate industry for his outstanding achievements. For two successful decades, Al Jalil developers present the latest and modern standards of development in their housing projects.

 Aim of Al Noor Orchard Lahore

 Life is the most precious gift of Allah, and every moment of life is a blessing. This master-planned community aims to develop an environment of peace and tranquility, so everyone there can enjoy his life.

Al Jalil Developers is committed to providing a healthy and secure experience for its residents. Therefore Al Jalil Developers have acquired an internationally acclaimed team of engineers and town-planners.

They are working day and night to build a state of the art infrastructure by following the highly maintained engineering values.

 Al Noor Orchard Lahore Infrastructure and Architecture

Infrastructure has immense importance for successful residential housing projects. The top five infrastructure categories are education, utilities, employment, digital, and transportation infrastructure.

Al Jalil Developers have always amazed its clients by providing all the essential infrastructure necessary to observe their social, political, economic, and cultural activities.

Now Al Noor Orchard Lahore is the latest and luxurious milestone of Al Jalil Developers and they are setting a new and modern example of development. They present a different and unique opportunity compared to the previous projects of Al Jalil Developers.

It shows the consistent progress of the company’s development values, and this thing makes Al Jalil Developers a prominent and well-recognized name among other big industrialists of real estate.

Al Noor Orchard Payment Plan

Al Noor Orchard Lahore payment plan is very flexible for its clients. People who want to invest in commercial and residential purposes are welcome in Lahore’s best housing project. Residential plots of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available for sale at a reasonable cost. While for commercial purposes, 4 Marla plots are available.

The installment plan of Al Noor Orchard Lahore is so flexible and compatible that people who want to purchase any field in this excellent housing scheme can quickly pay their fields’ installments.

In 30 months, applicants can quickly pay their property’s price, and the Al Noor Orchard housing scheme is presenting another fantastic offer of 6 half-yearly installments.

Al Noor Orchard Lahore Payment Plan Updated

Block D 3 Year Installment Plan

Al Noor Orchard Lahore D Block offers marvelous opportunities to those who want to spend the savings of their whole life on building their own houses. In Block D of Al Noor Orchard 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots for sale are available at very flexible prices.

It is the best opportunity because installments are easy to pay, and investment potential is at a peak. The project’s future is looking bright as the speed of development is high. Al Noor Orchard Lahore management is presenting a 3-year installment plan for Block D.

Al Noor Orchard West Marina Block 5 Year Plan

Many people lost many golden opportunities for investment due to the worry and confusion about the payment plan. Al Noor Orchard is presenting West Marina Block that is offering 3 Marla and 5 Marla installment plans and property prices are reasonable.

Al Noor Orchard Lahore Payment Plan Updated

Above all, it is also another excellent opportunity for investors to invest in a hopeful future. Al Noor Orchard West Marina Block is giving a 5-year easy installment plan. The details are given below.

Al Noor Orchard West Marina Update

An optimistic & biggest commercial deals in Al Noor Orchard West Marina you don’t want to miss!

Al Noor Orchard Lahore the city of your dream lifestyle. And people are eager and aiming to live in this extraordinary housing scheme. You know Why? 

Because of the great success of their residential growth and remarkable resident experience. As a result, after this big achievement. They have started commercial activities in West Marina Central Commercial Area.

And, an intelligent investor never skips such an amazing opportunity. He knows the great ROIs (Return On Investment) of commercial properties. And always willing to invest where he could get real profits and real results.

Thus, we are anticipating certain commercial plots in the most popular and developed block of Al Noor Orchard, West Marina.

If you’re a real estate investor and understand the potential of commercial plots. You shouldn’t miss this amazing opportunity to build a paying asset in Al Noor Orchard West Marina.

Payment Plan Of Commercials In West Marina:

Well, they have launched commercial plots of 3 variants in the west marina central commercial area with 5 years of affordable payment plan.

  • 2 Marla Commercial with 8,00,000 down payment = 5,000,000 PKR
  • 4 Marla Commercial with 1,500,000 down payment = 9,000,000 PKR
  • 8 Marla Commercial with 3,000,000 down payment = 16,000,000 PKR

Moreover, on full payment, the investor will get a 10% discount on the property.

Without thinking ahead or wasting any time make a call on the number given below:

Call Us: (+92) 321 1158 678

Al Noor Orchard Lahore Features

Every client needs to know everything about the housing project where he wants to purchase his life’s dream house. Al Noor Orchard Housing Society contains all the luxuries and comforts essential for living a perfect and secure life.

The development work of essential utilities like water, sui gas, and electricity is going fast in this society. Here are the main features of the surprising project. Have a look!

  • Gated community with boundary wall
  • There would be carpeted roads and LED streetlights in this housing scheme
  • School and colleges for standard education
  • Lush and green parks for a healthy environment
  • A beautiful Mosque for religious duty
  • A 24-hour emergency hospital
  • Cinema, Marriage Hall, and a Family Club for entertainment
  • A reliable security system with CCTV inspection

Contact us for more details about Al Noor Orchard Lahore, our team is always available for your assistance.

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